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How Vinyl Chairs Will Save Your Restaurant Money

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If you're thinking about fitting out your restaurant with new upholstery, vinyl is a great choice for your chairs. Aside from its versatility in appearance, vinyl can actually save you more money than other fabrics. Whether you're looking to boost your profits or you simply want to direct money to more important things than furniture-related costs, vinyl will be a great choice for you. Here are 3 ways vinyl chairs will keep more money in your pocket.

Low Initial Cost

Some fabric and material choices used to upholster chairs, including leather and velvet, can be expensive. Vinyl, on the other hand, is much more affordable. With vinyl, you can get a sleek look that matches the rest of your decor for a fraction of the money you'd spend on other fabrics. If you have a lot of chairs to reupholster, opting for vinyl is a great way to save on the initial costs needed for a restaurant upholstery fitout.

Less Cleaning Needed

If you opt for a porous fabric for your chairs (like velvet or linen), you may need to spend more money on cleaning staff. Fabrics that aren't waterproof often require thorough scrubbing and stain removal to get rid of food and drink messes left by customers. Standard vinyl is waterproof, so all it needs is daily wiping down and drying. Unlike leather, vinyl also doesn't need expensive cleaning agents to remove dirt. Water alone is fine for cleaning vinyl. Just remember to avoid traditional soaps that can dry out and crack the material. By opting for vinyl chairs, you'll be able to reduce the amount of time your cleaning staff spend at your restaurant, saving you big bucks on labour costs.

Affordable to Repair

Vinyl is generally a durable material, so it won't suffer as much damage as more delicate, premium fabric choices. This means you won't have to call out a repair company too often. When you do, high-grade vinyl is usually easy and cheap to patch up. Remember that it's worth spending slightly more up front to get better quality vinyl, as the cheapest cuts of fabric may be harder to patch up. Even when the damage is severe and patches won't do, it's always affordable to replace a torn section or reupholster the chair. Maintenance for other types of chairs can be a drain on your finances, so vinyl is the idea choice if you're looking to save money on repairs.