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How to Update Your Car's Interior and Make It Look Brand New

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When a vehicle runs great and still has lots of life left in the engine, transmission and other such major components, but looks a little worn and shabby on the inside, you don't need to sell it or even live with that unattractive interior. As with painting the car's body so that the outside look fresh and new, you can also spruce up the inside and have it look cleaner and feel more comfortable, and without breaking the bank. Note a few tips that can help to make your car's interior look its best.

Replace the carpet

Did you know you can replace the carpeting inside your car? If you've tried shampooing that carpeting and it still looks matted down and dingy, has mud and dirt stains, or otherwise just cannot seem to get clean, you might have it removed and replaced altogether. Like getting new carpeting for the home, replacing the carpeting inside the car can make it look fresh and new, and even help to remove bad odours. You can then also buy new floor mats to match, and your new carpeting will be protected for years to come.

Steering wheel and dash

A new steering wheel can be very inexpensive and quick for a mechanic to replace. A simple steering wheel with an airbag is very affordable, or you might upgrade to a leather-wrapped wheel or one made of a painted plastic for a more custom look.

While a new dashboard is expensive, there are dashboard covers and coatings you can have applied over the current dash. These fill in cracked and discoloured areas and can give the car's interior a brand-new look. Have these jobs both done at the same time, so you know your new steering wheel and dashboard will coordinate.

Custom fit seat covers

Older upholstery, like carpeting, can get dirty and discoloured so that not even shampooing and scrubbing gets it clean. Direct sunlight, sweat and body lotions can also stain and fade the upholstery. Rather than buying new seats, you can have custom-fit seat covers placed right over the current car seats. Custom-fit covers will fit precisely, so they won't slide out of place, come unfurled at certain edges, or otherwise become cumbersome. These seat covers can also be made of a luxurious cotton and silk blend, a soft angora, or a warm wool, to add comfort as well as an updated style to your car's interior.