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Buying Camper Trailers for Staff Use -- Hard Floor or Soft Floor?

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When most people think of camper trailers, they think of holidays. However, you've probably realised that these clever travelling units can be used to expand the reaches of your business. For example, as a mobile office allowing you to extend your consultancy business services to remote parts of the country or maybe to send your tradespeople staff to the more isolated areas of the outback. Camper trailers can be ideal for carrying tools and equipment as well as providing staff with low-cost accommodation when they need to live on site for the duration of a job.

Whatever the reason you're looking to buy camper trailers for your staff, you'll want to make the right choice. Take a look at what soft floors or hard floors offer.

Soft Floor Camper Trailer

Soft floor camper trailers have a PVC covering similar to that of a tent. Like a tent, they require work and effort to set up. The internal living space is generous, and they come in a variety of sizes. Additionally, they give the user the option to add extra living space by adding attachable rooms.

This versatility makes them ideal for people travelling in groups such as tradespeople heading to the outback to work on building sites. The larger living space means that your staff not only have some privacy but can create a temporary home that includes the necessities that make on-site accommodation comfortable.

These lightweight units are easier to haul into the outback and easier to manoeuvre into tighter spaces. Their light weight means that most vehicles can tow them. Because of the time-consuming setup, they are ideal for longer stays.

Hard Floor Camper Trailer

Hard floor camper trailers are ideal if you're sending staff to remote regions. Their durability means they deal well with off road travel and multiple terrains. They have a hard top when folded into a trailer. This top usually flips over or winds up so that the hard top then becomes a hard floor that is suspended off the ground on legs.

Hard floors provide a safer, cleaner and more comfortable sleeping and living area, while also providing a lot of the comforts of home -- many trailers have pull-out kitchen units fitted into the trailer's body. Hard floors do not provide the same generous living area as a soft floor. So, if you're sending more than one member of staff to a location, they may find that the benefits of the trailer come at the cost of privacy and space.

These are an ideal solution for staff who will be travelling to more than one location for short stays at a time -- they are easier and faster to set up than a soft floor camper trailer. However, consideration needs to be given to the towing capacity of your employee's vehicles as hard floors are ultimately heavier.